Team MHRC was started in October 2016 for two reasons- to introduce our studio runners to the amazing running community in NYC and to introduce the existing community to the benefits of indoor treadmill training. We embrace the sport of running from every facet- from short distance to long, from newcomer to veteran athlete. As we've grown in size, we've also grown in the community- competing in local and destination races around the world. As a registered team with NYRR, we are able to track and compete with other new and long-standing teams in New York.

The Rundown on Team MHRC:

Team MHRC Photos:

Do I have to be fast?
As the saying goes, “a mile run, slow or fast, is still a mile run”. There is no speed requirement for joining Team MHRC! We want to help you grow as an athlete whether you’re a 4:00-minute or 14:00-minute miler!

Who are my coaches?
We’re proud to pull from our in-studio roster so you get the best training. All members are given priority contact for all coaches to help with anything running, racing, or recovery related.

Corinne “Fitz” Fitzgerald

Track, triathlon, short/mid-distance. View Bio

Scott Carvin

Track, short distance, strength. View Bio

Vinnie “Mils” Miliano

Distance, ultra, triathlon. View Bio

What do I get by joining?

  • Free weekly outdoor run (Tuesdays 7:00AM)
  • Join the growing group of local (and not-so-local) runners racing everything from 5Ks to Marathons as an affiliated Team MHRC member
  • Team gear for purchase by members only
  • Invitations to member-only social events and races
  • Invitation to join the Team MHRC group on Strava (link to Strava) to help log, track, and post about your runs both indoors and out!

That sounds awesome…but how much?
We’re here to build a community of runners and to find strength in numbers so you can feel confident out on the streets or as you toe that line on race day. For an annual yearly non-refundable fee of just $20 you’ll help improve meet ups, race support, and the team’s social events.

Do I have to have run at a Mile High Run Club studio?
No, but a lot of runners have become diehard #treadheads and with weekly workouts curated by our certified coaches, you may find yourself booking a class!

What are NYRR Club Points Races? (From New York Road Runners)
To foster healthy competition among New York area clubs, encourage excellence in running, and help boost NYRR race participation and spectator interest, NYRR and Club Council designate 11 NYRR scored races per year as Club Points races. These races vary in distance. Clubs accumulate points based on their finishing places in these races. At the end of the year, each club's point totals in the nine best races of the 11-race series (the lowest two scores for each club will be automatically dropped) are added to determine the club's overall ranking for the year.

The club with the most points is the winner, the club with the second-highest number of points places second, and so on. At NYRR's annual Club Night, the previous year's top clubs are honored and receive special awards. Clubs can score points at club points races in 10 different divisions: men's and women's open (all ages, grouped into A, B, and C subdivisions), as well as men's and women's age-group divisions for 40+, 50+, 60+, and 70+.